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1 Instruction

    Rotary Decanter, is an important equipment SBR, SBR method is used for various periods drainage, drainage, the pool water level is changing, in order to ensure the drainage of the water layer is not disturbed in the pool, the supernatant was always at the top of discharge, which requires the use of a water level change can be adjusted with the weir.

2 Application range

 Widely used in urban sewage treatment plants and paper, beer, leather, pharmaceutical, food, waste water treatment and other industries

3 Features

The overall use of stainless steel, corrosion resistance.

Efficient low resistance seal, seal, reliable, flexible rotation, low energy consumption.Decanter weir opening has a float and scum baffle.

The overall structure, easy installation, operation and management is simple, low cost, safe and reliable.

the use of programmable and automatic frequency control SUPLC control or remote control in the control room.

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