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Differential Pressure Gauge

  Differential pressure gauge quickly indicates low air or non corrosive gas pressures, either positive/negative or differential pressures. The design resists shock, vibration and over pressures. It is an industry standard to measure fan and blower pressures, filter resistance, air velocity, furnace draft, pressure drop across orifice plated, liquid levels with bubbler system and pressures in fluid amplifier or fluidic systems.


  Venturi is used to induce surrounding air to enhance cleaning. When pulse cleaning, the high speed airflow induces 5~8 times more than compressed air to blow into the filter elements. This causes file elements expand instantly. Due to the reaction of airflow, the dusts loaded on the filter elements will be brushed off. Venturi greatly improves the pulse clean strength and effects, save the compressed air and energy.

Injection nozzle

  High-velocity injection nozzle assembly makes airflow uniform in injection, not deviated from the center, lower resistance than direct tapping in the nozzle. The supersonic airflow formed by the hole in the nozzle enables surrounding air to enter the injection nozzle so that an expanded airflow may inject into the filter bag center, producing better dashing effects.

Bulk Head Connector

  A bulk head connector consists of an aluminum alloy cast part, stainless punched part and rubber part and is for the connection of inner and outer pipe of airtight containers such as the connection between the blowing tube of pulse jet bag-house and rectangular pulse valve (batten wall mounted) and between submerged electromagnetic pulse valve and outlet pipe (head tank mounted). It can be reliably fixed and sealed without welding and is convenient for installation and maintenance.

Explosion Relief Vent

  To avoid and minimize any possible explosion damage, explosion relief vents have to be used. They feature high pressure precision, large release area, excellent gas tight, safe and reliable. They can blow up at full opening under low pressures from 0.005MPa to 0.05MPa.

Material Level Sensor

  Material level sensors are used to indicate the material levels. They give alarm signals when the dusts reach the set level in dust drums or bins.



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