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1 Application range

Bar screen is a universal separator of insoluble solids from fluids. It can be used in waste water treatment plants, water treatment plants or pumping stations. Usually it is installed on the inlet canals as the pre-treatment equipment, from where it lifts up entrapped substances above the canal edge or to another floor to a height necessary for further liquidation (container, screw conveyor, screenings press, etc.)

2 Description of operation

Floating particles are separated from waste water flowing through screen by a filtration belt that lifts the separated particles to a discharge chute while the screenings-free water flows on to another stage of treatment. Special design and guiding of belt elements (rakes) ensures an automatic separation of screenings from the belt. The belt is driven by an electric gearbox through a chain transmission and shaft of belt guiding wheels.

The belt stretching can be adjusted. Screen drive can also be installed directly on the shaft on either side of the frame according to spatial layout.

Any screw conveyor can be installed to a wall opening so that screenings are transported to a container or a flat truck standing outside the building.


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