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    Ultrafiltration is a kind of theory -based screening to both sides of pressure -driven membrane separation process solution , is a modern membrane separation technology . Basing on the molecule or particle size, it is a dynamic cross flow filtration technology taking pressure as its thrust force. The material of fiber ultra filtering membrane is PES , PVDF , and the outer diameter of hollow fiber membrane is φ1.0 φ1.2mm, the membrane aperture is between 0.01μm and 0.001μm, the molecular weight range of intercepted material is from 100000 to 6000 Dolton. It can intercept almost 100% bacteria, virus, heat source, micro seston and colloid.
The ultrafiltraion apparatus is extensively used in the industries of chemical, biochemistry, medicine, foodstuff, drinking and brewing.

T echnical specification:

Maximum water pressure: 2.2-6.0bar Filtration precision: 0.04-0.03mm
Water temperature: 1-40 The maximum water particle diameter: 300mm
Water PH Range: 2-11 Backwash flow rate : 100~200l/ M2.h
Maximum influent concentration of suspended solids : 100ppm Backwash Time: 30-60s
Typical suspended solids : 50ppm Typical chemical cleaning cycle : 4-12 Times / Years
Typical fiber impurities : 5ppm   Anti-wash cycle every : 15-60min/times
The maximum fiber content of water impurities : 50ppm Maximum pressure against washing : 2.5bar
Cleaning the largest NaClo Concentration: 1000-5000ppm Gas washing frequency : 1-2 Times / Day  

Application scope:

Include food industry, beverage industry, dairy industry, fermentation , bio- medicine , pharmaceutical chemicals, biological agents , herbal preparations, clinical medicine, printing and dyeing wastewater, industrial waste water treatment, recycling and environmental engineering and so on .



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