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   For large airflow dust collection project, the baghouse are very large. This will cause two major problems for customers. One is the transportation. The large volume components can’t be shipped in standard containers. They have to be shipped in flat rack containers or top of vessel. Thus the highest freight cost is occurred. The other problem is system installation. The large scale components will add to many difficulties for system set up. Our design staff and fabrication ability have enabled us to make panelized baghouses to solve this problem.

  All the dust collector components are designed and fabricated individually.

  All the sections such as panels, hoppers, tube sheet pre-installed in factory

  Advanced CAD design system ensures all the sections precisely fabricated and inter-changeable.

  All components are marked with their names and positions to avoid any possible confusion during system installation

  All components can be shipped in standard containers to save freight cost.

  Constructions can be made according to customers’ special design


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