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Product Descriiptions:

Pulse valve controller is the main control equipment in the dust cleaning system of pulse jet dust collector. Its output signals control the solenoid valves, which spray and inject compressed air to clear dust from the filter elements in sequence. 
The controller output pulse interval and pulse width are set according to the dust cleaning requirement of the dust collector to ensure that the system resistance remains within the set range.

Working Conditions & Technical Data:

  Rated Input Voltage: AC200~240V, 50HZ-60HZ

  Rated Output Voltage: DC24V

  Rated Output Current: 1A

  Power Consumption: 8W (Pulse width and interval are within the specified range)

  Adjusting Range of Output Pulse Interval: 1~30 Sec

  Adjusting Range of Output Pulse Width: 0.03~0.2 Sec/li>

  Input Signal of Pressure Differential: Switch contact

  Working Environment: -25~+55, Relative humidity ≤ 85%; No serious corrosive gas or conducting dust; No violent shock or impact
Terms Explanations:

  PULSE WIDTH: the duration of an electrical signal output sent by the controller

  PULSE INTERVAL: the time interval between two signals sent by the controller

  PULSE CYCLE: the time needed for the electrical signal output sent by the controller to complete.



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