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1 Instruction

     Integration of automatic dosing unit is a kind of equipment based on market needs, developed by our own production. The aircraft used for environmental protection industry and is an ideal automatic dosing equipment. The machine simply manually set the solid powder into hopper. The system can automatically or manually add the powder. The powder in the medicine cabinet solution diluted with water, and then mixed in the dilution tank. Then the solution is delivered to the storage reservoir. The dosing pump increases the mixer in proportion to the pipeline, to meet dosing requirements.

2 Application range

   The device is mainly used for preparation and dosing pharmaceutical powders such as polyacrylamide (PAM) polymer class in sludge dewatering system, adding polymer coagulant. Also it can be used for PAC (PAC) class configuration and the addition.

3 Features

1, three tanks continuous make, easy operation and maintenance, low labor costs.

2, running with a powder or liquid (optional) features designed to meet different needs.

3, solution concentration can be adjust as required

4, better concentration control and More accurate

5, Hopper for Powder with anti-condensation heating insulation  



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