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Structural principle of the Automatic self-cleaning filters

Automatic self-cleaning filters from the shell, multiple filters, backwash mechanism, electrical control boxes, gear, electric valves and differential pressure controller and other components. Diaphragm within the shell of its cavity is divided into upper and lower chamber, the chamber is equipped with multiple filter core, so make full use of the filtering space, significantly reduce the size of the filter, backwash is installed under the cavity sucker .

The cloud liquid through the entrance into the IVC filter, but also by the partition hole into the filter cavity, is larger than the filter cartridge slot of the impurities are retained, the net fluid through the gap to reach the cavity, and finally sent from the exit. Automatic self-cleaning filter cartridges use high-strength Johnson wedge filter, through the pressure control, timing control of self-cleaning filter. When the filter impurities accumulate in the filter pressure drop caused by increased surface to the desired value, or timer to preset time, the electrical control box signals, driving anti-rinse body. When the filter backwash suction Handicap and imports are on, the drain valve open, then the system pressure relief drainage, suction and filter inside the emergence of a relative pressure lower than the pressure of negative pressure outside the filter area, forcing part of the net circulating water flow from the filter cartridge outside of the inside wall on the adsorption of impurities in the filter particles flowing into suction valve within the discharge from the sewage. Johnson made a specially designed filter net effect of internally generated spray, any impurities will be washed away from the smooth inner wall. When the filter pressure drop will return to normal or timer set time after the motor stops running, the electric discharge valve closed. Throughout the process, materials continue to flow.

The machine features of the Automatic self-cleaning filters

The filter Reducer with  high-quality aluminum alloy die casting shell structure, good heat dissipation, noise, light weight, can carry large power.

Seal enhanced with standard PTFE double seal structure, reliable sealing performance, and long life and tight.

The differential sampling part of the switch with adjustable differential pressure controller, differential, correct feedback signal;

The filter using high-strength  filters, high precision seamless, effective filter area, pressure drop, high efficiency backwash;

The  flower plate with 304 stainless steel filter, and the interface work backwash suction mirror treatment;

The backwash suction cup structure and the use of PTFE backwash suction from the whole body, to ensure that sucker with a long-term filter tube sheet seal enhanced backwash effect;

The electric control part of the filter using PLC programmable controller, cleaning mode with differential pressure control, timing control and manual control in parallel mode, cleaning procedures for using time positioning mode, a small amount of anti-wash water, wash thoroughly;

All electrical control box with post bed outdoor waterproof structure through the screen.



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